The restaurant "Vinogradi" is one of the symbols of Grocka and Serbia. After reconstruction, it is open to all guests. We are expecting you!


The restaurant "Vinogradi" in Grocka was a meeting place of the elite and foreign delegations in the old Yugoslavia, and it was known far beyond the village for its excellent national cuisine, unforgettable panorama and vineyards that surrounded it. 

Thousands of statesmen, diplomats, politicians, ambassadors, artists, businessmen, foreign officials and dignitaries paraded through the restaurant. There were many visitors, so many stories and anecdotes are related to this restaurant in the realm of Grocka's vineyards, not far from the capital.

It's no secret that many visitors chose to say their fateful "Yes" right here on Aga's hill, in the romantic surroundings of the national restaurant "Vinogradi", among them representatives of the diplomatic corps.

The view from the terrace of the restaurant, over linden trees, sunny slopes and thick vineyards, is still one of the most beautiful in this part of the country. From the restaurant's vantage point, the view includes the Danube, the beautiful Gročanska Ada, the contours of Avala, Smederevo, Pancevo, the outlines of Vršački berg and the Carpathians.

The words of astronaut Neil Armstrong that "the view from here is more beautiful than from the moon" were recorded.

The current building, as before, strives to be in the spirit of Serbian architecture and in harmony with the landscape. The configuration of the terrain and the beauty of the panorama were respected, the famous terrace with a view was restored, and the purpose was completely preserved. Fragrant linden trees, with which the people of Grocka have many fond memories, are still there on the terrace. 

In addition to the large terrace, the facility offers a restaurant hall with a porch, then a restaurant hall on the first floor with an interior in the spirit of an inn, a wine cellar with a tasting room and a spacious parking lot. 

Today, next to the restaurant, on the sunny slopes that go down to the river, vineyards are greening up again. Every visitor can see for himself the national cuisine, the beauty of the new building, as well as the beauty of the lookout point, nature and unforgettable panoramas that surround it.

text: Z. Atić